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Exiting Plasso

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As we wind down the Plasso service, this page will serve as your guide to migrating off of Plasso. Plasso will continue to run and function as is until January 14th, 2019.

For details on exporting your payment or membership data, check out this article.
If you’ve created Plans inside Plasso and have member subscriptions you’d like to export, follow these instructions.

Legacy Spaces

If you’re using one of our legacy “Billing” or “Membership” Spaces, and you’ve connected to Stripe with your Plasso account, all your subscription and customer data is already in Stripe. You can use another Stripe based platform right away, and you don’t need to export anything from Plasso. You’ll know you’re on a Legacy Space if you see the “Convert Space” button on the Space’s Setup form.


New Spaces

If you’re using the new Storefront Spaces (not a Legacy Space) you’ll need to export your subscriptions from Plasso. Our subscription exporter will be available in the coming weeks, and will make it 1-click easy to transfer your Plasso subscriptions to your Stripe account. We’ll update you just as soon as it’s ready.

Moving Out of Plasso

If you’re selling products, services, or accepting one-time payments, GoDaddy is a great option and has a full website builder and e-commerce solution you can use called GoCentral. We recommend you use this.

If you’re selling subscriptions/membership or need recurring payments, here is a list of platforms you can consider. We are not recommending any specific platform.

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