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Getting Started Guide

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You can download our Getting Started Guide as a .pdf here for easier navigation or you can view the content below:

What is Plasso?

Plasso is an e-commerce platform that enables anyone to sell their products, pre-orders, subscriptions and accept donations right from your website and through hosted pages. You can also send custom invoices to your customers or have them pay you directly through your personal Pay Me page.

Plasso integrates with Stripe and PayPal to handle all of your payment transactions securely. Don’t have a Stripe or PayPal account? No problem. You’ll be able to create them once you’re ready to accept payments.

Our mission is to make starting and growing a business online accessible to anyone. We build tools and products to help our customers go from ‘idea’ to ‘actual revenue’ without having to write code.

We’re a growing, customer-focused team based in California.

What is a Space?

When you first get started with Plasso, you’ll want to create your first payment space. Payment spaces can be created to accept one-time product purchases, recurring subscription payments from members or services, and donations/contributions. Each space can be embedded into your website and/or be hosted on Plasso.

Each space can be unique and you can create as many as you’d like. Also, each space can have an unlimited amount of products and/or plans.

From the General Dashboard Menu, you have full control of creating coupons, adding custom messages to the prebuilt email templates, creating invoices, adding your space(s) to the Plasso marketplace, and customizing your personal Pay Me page.

How do I create a Storefront Space?

To get started:

1) Log into Plasso and click on Spaces in the left-side menu.
2) Click the blue “+” symbol.
3) From the Setup tab, you can begin filling out our Space information and enable the features you’d like to use when collecting payments from your customers. You can, also, fill out the SEO/SMO information for better search indexing and open-graph links for Facebook and Twitter.

After you’ve built the foundation of your space, you can then begin to add products and add plans to your space.

To read more about creating a space, visit our Help Center article.

How do I create products?

Creating and adding products to your space is super simple and takes a few minutes to do. Here’s how to do it:

From Your Space Setup Dashboard:

1) Click on “Products” on the left-side menu.
2) Click “Add a Product” or the blue “+” symbol.
3) Name your product, add a description, and set the price. 4) Lastly, add images or video links to the Media Gallery, attach a digital file if selling digital goods, and/or create product variants like “Size” or “Color” to the variants section.

If you’re creating a free product, just set the charge type to free!

To read more about creating products, visit our Help Center article.

How do I create plans?

Creating plans is just as easy as creating products and can be done fairly quickly. Depending on the charge type, you’re given specific settings to create the perfect subscription. Here’s how to do it:

From your Space Setup Dashboard:

1) Click on “Plans” on the left-side menu.
2) Click “Add a Plan” or the blue “+” symbol.
3) Name your plan, add a description, and set the price.
4) Lastly, toggle between the different charge types, billing intervals, and set a trial (if necessary).

If you’re creating a free plan, just set the charge type to free! Also, posts can be used to deliver messages and digital downloads to your members on plans.

To read more about creating plans, visit our Help Center article.

How do I embed a space?

Adding the cart or modal to your website is fast and simple. If you are using a CMS site builder, visit our Help Center article for specific instructions. Otherwise, here’s how to do it from your Space Setup Dashboard:

Embedding the Cart

1) Copy the Embed Code with Cart Code toggle enabled.
2) Paste the code before the </body> on each of your pages.
3) Paste in your Space URL link to each of your “Buy Now” or “Sign Up” buttons on your site.
4) Add the Product ID or Plan ID to the end of the Space URL.

For Products : For Plans :

Embedding the Modal

1) Copy the Embed Code (without the Cart Code toggle enabled) and follow the same steps.

To read more about space embeds, visit our Help Center article.

How do I add buttons for my customers to “Log In”, “Sign Up”, and manage “My Account”?

To create a “Log In” button for your users that are on plans, link a button that you create to your Space URL + /login. The hyperlink should look like this:

    (Note: if a user is already logged in, the Cart will display the “my account” content)

If you are using the <script> tag for the Storefront Cart on your webpage, then your button will bring out the Storefront Cart’s log-in form. (The embed is only compatible with the Cart <script> tag, not the modal). If you choose not to use the cart embed code, then the button will redirect your users to your Plasso hosted Storefront space’s log-in page.

To create buttons for ‘My Account’ and ‘Sign Up’:


Note: For “Sign-Up” buttons with the cart embed, you must enable the cart for “Sign-Up” mode. You can do this by replacing your embed code for the cart with the following (visit our Help Center article for more cart options):

  • <script src=""></script>
    <script> Plasso.Cart.setup({ spaceId: "abc123", mode: "signup", }); </script>

To read more about creating button links, visit our Help Center article.

How do I pre-fill payment forms/pre-select or hide certain plans or products?

We’ve made it easy to customize and pre-fill payment and sign-up forms on Plasso.

Normally you’d link to your Plasso payment Space from your website with a URL like this:

To pre-fill a form for your customers, add the variables below to the Plasso URL:

  • name: Pre-fills the ‘Your Name’ field on payment forms.
  • email: Pre-fills the ‘Your Email’ field on payment forms.
  • price: Pre-fills the payment amount field for any product or plan with a charge type set to any amount.
  • preselect: Pre-selects products/plans in your payment/sign-up form that you have embedded on your website. For Storefront Spaces that have multiple products or plans, use a comma separated list of Product IDs and/or Plan IDs
  • show_products: A list of products to display, unlisted products won’t show up. Only works with Spaces that have multiple products. Use a comma separated list of product IDs.
  • show_plans: A list of plans to display, unlisted plans won’t show up. Only works with Spaces that have multiple plans. Use a comma separated list of plan IDs.

Here is an example of all the variables in use:,764,12&show_products=123,764,12,239,1988,94

To read more about pre-fills, pre-selects, and displaying certain plans/products, visit our Help Center article.

How do I conduct test transactions?

If you’re looking to try out the full customer experience, test mode can help with that.
When Test Mode is enabled, you can process test transactions on your Storefront Space using any card number. Cards will not be charged in Test Mode. On your Storefront setup page, you will see two switches:

1) Allow Test Transactions: Allows test transactions to be processed on this Space. This toggle is focused primarily for Flexkit but is required to be on when testing embeddable UI’s as well.
2) Enable Test Mode On Plasso Hosted Pages: Forces all transactions, processed from one of the Plasso hosted/embeddable interfaces, to be in Test Mode.

Hosted pages and embeddable Cart/Modal

Here’s how to start using Test Mode on the Plasso hosted pages or embeddable UIs:

1) Turn on the toggle labeled “Enable test mode on Plasso hosted pages”. This will automatically turn on the “Allow test transactions” toggle as well.
2) Click the “Save” button on the Setup form.

To read more about testing transactions, visit our Help Center article.

How do I get paid?

You have the option of connecting/creating a Stripe account or a PayPal account to process your transactions and issue your payouts. Currently, you must choose one or the other to use Plasso.

Once you’ve connected/created your Stripe or PayPal account, you can manage your pay out details via your Stripe/PayPal dashboard.

Check out the Stripe Help Center  and PayPal Help Center for more details on how to navigate payments, transfers, transfer times, etc.

To read more about connecting to Plasso, visit our Help Center article.

What are Invoices?

Invoices are a great way for you to bill your clients on a one-off or recurring basis. You are able to create new invoices and manage existing ones under the Invoices tab located on the left-side menu when logged in to Plasso. Your customers will receive an invoice email with a link to follow to pay their invoice amount. It is very easy to use and comes FREE with all Plasso plans!
To read more about invoices, visit our Help Center article.

What is Flexkit?

Flexkit has all the flexibility of an API, without writing any of the code.

A powerful build-anything-you-want framework for payments, user authentication and management. You write and control all the HTML and CSS while designing your forms. Flexkit handles all payment and validation logic. Just drop in our script tag and Flexkit will find and process all your payment forms for you. No need to write any Javascript.

With Flexkit, you can process one-off payments and/or subscriptions. Easily build your own shopping cart. Charge for one-off payments and subscription payments in the same form!

To learn more about Flexkit, visit our website today.

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