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How do I add buttons for my customers to “Log In”, “Sign Up”, and manage “My Account”?

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To create a “Log In” button for your users, link a button that you create to your Space URL + /login. The hyperlink should look like this:

    (Note: if a user is already logged in, the log-in button will display the “my account” content)

If you are using the <script> tag for the Storefront Cart on your webpage, then your button will bring out the Storefront Cart’s log-in form. (The embed is only compatible with the Cart <script> tag, not the modal). If you choose not to use the embed code, then the button will redirect your users to your Plasso hosted Storefront space’s log-in page.

You are, also, able to create buttons for ‘My Account’ and ‘Sign Up’:



    Note: For “Sign-Up” buttons, you must enable the cart for “Sign-Up” mode. You can do this by replacing your embed code for the cart with the following (visit our Help Center article for more cart options):<script src=""></script>
    <script> Plasso.Cart.setup({ spaceId: "abc123", mode: "signup", }); </script>

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