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How do I add posts (content) to my Storefront plans for my members?

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After you have created at least one plan, you are able to add posts (content) to those plans for your members to view. There is no limit on the amount of posts that you are able to add to a space. This is a great way for your users to have access to blog posts, digital downloads, videos, and more! All posts support writing with markup (i.e. setting width and height of videos/other media items)

Creating a Post

To create a new post inside your Storefront space:

  • Click the “Posts” tab on the left side-bar
  • Click the blue plus-sign “+” button in the top-right corner to add a new post
  • You can add a title, body text, and/or digital files to each post (feel free to use Basic HTML Markup for titles, iframes, background and more!)


  • To add a centered image into your posts (above the text), use this HTML markup below. Replace the image link and alt text to make it your own:

<center><img src="https://your_image_URL" alt="alt_text" height="auto" width="auto"></center>


  • Select which plans will have access to the new content under the “Visible to Plans” section.
  • Click the “Save” button and you are all done

You can view your posts by viewing your space as a “Logged-in Member”. Content appears under the “Posts” tab when a user is logged in.



Every time that you add a new post, your members will receive an email letting them know that there is new content available. You are able to toggle these notifications on/off under each space. To edit these notifications inside your Storefront space:

  • click on the “Emails” tab on the left side-bar
  • click on “Templates
  • change the settings of the email that you wish to modify
  • click “Save” and you’re good to go

If you would like to receive the notifications that your members get, toggle the “BCC Email Me Member Notifications” switch in the Setup tab.


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