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How do I collect donations?

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You can easily update your Storefront to collect donations on the Setup page. Toggling the “Donation Space” switch will change the payment button text on your website to read Donate Now instead of Pay Now so your community won’t be confused about their contribution. Receipts and emails will also use the words “Donation” and “Donate” instead of “Payment”, etc.


Next, you will want to add a product to your Donation space before viewing it.

  • Click the “Products” tab
  • Click the “+” icon
  • Fill out the product details (i.e Product Name: One-time donation; Recurring donation;) and add desired customizations
  • Set Charge Info “Type”
    • Fixed Amount – you set the amount that users can donate
    • Any Amount – your users can donate any amount that you allow
      • To display a “Suggested Amount” in grey text, either set a price on “Fixed Amount” and then toggle the “Type” to “Any Amount” (this will lock the price amount in grey text and display that as the suggest amount) or set a Minimum Price

After setting it up, your donators will be able to click a button and 💥, you will receive a donation!


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