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How do I create a Storefront Space?

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When you first get started with Plasso, you’ll want to create your first payment space. Payment spaces can be created to accept one-time product purchases, recurring subscription payments from members or services, and donations/contributions.

To get started:

  • Log into Plasso and click on Spaces in the left-side menu.

Next, you’ll be filling in the details of your space depending on the type of payment (one-time, recurring, or donation). Let’s start with the “Basic Info” section to name your space, set the currency, and more:

Basic Info

  • Space Name – This is the name of your space that will be displayed to your customers when they land on your space in Plasso or encounter it on your website embed.
  • Description – The description text will be displayed on the top of your space and will typically describe the company (200 characters or less).
  • Checkout Message – The checkout message text will be displayed toward the bottom of your embedded cart/modal below the section that asks for the customers card info. It will typically describe important product details or company disclaimers.
  • Seller’s Name – This field is pre-filled with the name of the Plasso Account User but can be changed. This text will become a link on your space (see “Seller’s Website” below).
  • Seller’s Email – On the bottom of each space, you’ll notice a default “Need Help?” link. The email you input here will be the email your customers send their support emails to.
  • Seller’s Website – Linked to the “Seller’s Name” label above, this will be the navigation link that customers will go to when they click on the “Seller’s Name” text on your space.
  • Currency – Plasso supports 136 currencies. However, you can only have 1 primary displayed currency for each space. Your customers can still pay with any currency they want though.
  • Enable this Space – This toggle is on by default. To hide the space or to disable the Space URL, you can untoggle this switch to prevent customers from purchasing your products/services.
  • Enable Application Mode – This toggle only pertains to plans that you want customers to apply to. You can read more about Application Mode here.
  • Allow test transactions – Allows test transactions to be processed on this Space. This toggle is focused primarily for Flexkit but is required to be on when testing embeddable UI’s as well. Read more about Test Transactions here.
  • Enable Test Mode On Plasso Hosted Pages: Forces all transactions, processed from one of the Plasso hosted/embeddable interfaces, to be in Test Mode. Read more about Test Transactions here.
  • Statement Descriptor – This text will appear next to charges on your customer’s credit card statement.
  • Terms of Service – A general Terms of Service Agreement is automatically placed on all Spaces you create but you have the option to add any custom Terms in addition to the default terms.
  • Analytics Service – Choose between the 3 analytics service providers that Plasso currently supports: Google Analytics, GoSquared, and Segment.
  • Analytics Account ID – Enter your analytics account/tracking ID here to track activity on Google Analytics, GoSquared are Segment. Read more about Plasso spaces and Analytics here.
  • BCC Email Me Payment Receipts – Toggle this switch to receive a copy of each payment receipt when your customers purchase your products.
  • BCC Email Me Member Notifications – Toggle this switch to receive notifications every time your plan members make a change to their subscription.
  • Allow Coupons – Toggling this switch will allow your customers to redeem coupons you’ve created and marketed to them. The Coupon input field will be visible on your space when toggled.
  • Donation Space – Toggling this switch will change the payment button text to read Donate Now instead of Pay Now so your community won’t be confused about their contribution. Receipts and emails will also contain the words “Donation” and “Donate” instead of “Payment”, etc.
  • Add Tax – When this switch is toggled, you will be given the opportunity to add additional tax onto your product or service. The option for “Tax Type” will be displayed enabling you to choose between a flat tax percentage or a variable amount. Read more about Variable Tax here.
  • Allow members to pause their accounts – As it sounds, this toggle will allow your members to pause their subscription.
  • Available in the Market – Enabling this toggle will showcase your space in the Plasso Marketplace. Plasso Market is a place where our community can share their products and services.
  • Allow Multiple Subscriptions – This will allow your members to sign up for multiple subscriptions during one check out process or at different times. Read more about Multiple Subscriptions here.
  • Include in Connected Accounts – Allows your customers to easily navigate between their subscriptions that are on different Storefront Spaces of yours. Read more about Connected Accounts here.


  • Space Logo – Upload your company logo or signifying image here. The format must be JPG, PNG, or GIF and no smaller than 400 x 400 pixels.
  • Background – You can choose an image with a suggested size of 1400 x 600 pixels or choose a color from the color picker to set as your space background.
  • Accent Color – Setting this color will change your space navigation text links and cart icon.



  • Forward URL – Set the forward URL here to send customers after they purchase or sign up on your website.
  • Logout URL – Set the logout URL here to send customers after they click the “Log Out” button on your website.
  • Embed Code – This code is to be embedded into your website if you plan to use our embedded Cart or Pop-Up Modal. If you’re wanting to embed the Storefront Cart, be sure to click the “Include Cart Code” tab. Once the Cart code is displayed, copy all of the code and paste it before the closing </body> in your website. Read more about embedding the Cart and Pop-Up Modal here.

Address Settings

  • Require Billing Address – Toggling this switch will require your customers to provide their Billing Address during the checkout process on your space.
  • Require Shipping Address – Toggling this switch will require your customers to provide their Shipping Address during the checkout process on your space. After toggling this switch, you’ll notice that an option drops down to add a shipping fee. You can then set the name and amount of the Shipping Fee.
  • Include Seller’s Address on Receipt – You can add your (company) name and address to all receipt emails sent to your customers. Your address (personal or company) and the customer’s address must appear on the receipt that is emailed to your customers in order to make it a valid invoice they can use for tax purposes.


  • By clicking the blue “+” symbol, you can enter one, or several webhook URL’s to send event activity associated with your Storefront Space. Read more about Webhooks here.

After you’ve built the foundation of your space, you can then begin to add products and add plans to your space. If you need help with anything specific or you have questions getting started, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team and we’ll get you setup 💫

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