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How do I create Coupons?

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Creating a Coupon

Creating coupons is a great way to attract new and existing customers! You can easily create and deploy an unlimited amount of coupons in your account dashboard. Begin by clicking on Coupons in your general dashboard:

Next, click on the blue “+” to create a new coupon. From there, begin filling in the type of discount that you would like to provide to your customers 🏷.


Discount Code is the code you create to provide to your customers. It can be something simple to remember or something encrypted to protect. As shown above, the Discount code names are fairly simple and display the amount and type of discount as well as how many coupons remain to be redeemed.

Discount Type is your choice. It can be a percentage or a fixed amount taken off the purchase price upon checkout.

Duration allows you to set the frequency in which this coupon will remain active. It can be once, repeating, or forever.

Redemption Limit is the amount of times this coupon code can be used.

Discount Amount is the value of savings for your customer.

Cycles is the amount of billing cycles this discount is applied to.

Redeem By can be used to apply a sense of urgency for your customers by selecting a termination date for savings.


Toggling the Coupon Switch

After saving your coupon, make your way over to the Setup tab under the Storefront space, scroll down toward the bottom to toggle “Allow Coupons” to the “On” position. Save your work and that’s it! 💯


When your customers go to check out, they will be presented with a text field to input their coupon code specific to the payment space. It should look similar to this:coupon-checkout-view


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