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How do I import my members from another e-commerce platform?

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If you are looking to switch from a different e-commerce platform to Plasso, you’ll likely want to import your existing members from your previous platform. Currently, Plasso has a Stripe importer that allows you to import your Stripe Members and Plan info into Plasso (PayPal does not support this feature).  The importer is located under the Import tab inside each Storefront Space. The information that will be mapped over is:

  • Name of customer
  • Email of customer
  • Plan information including plan name, price, charge dates*Your customer’s card information does not get imported as that is protected. Your user’s would have to log in to their accounts and update their payment information in Plasso to accept the Terms and Conditions. This is the same for any e-commerce platform that you would look to switch to.

Most Plasso customers opt to keep their current users on their existing e-commerce platform and have all new users sign up through Plasso. You can then send an email to your old user base requesting that they update their payment info by a certain date in order to shift off of a previous e-commerce platform.


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