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How do I pre-fill payment forms/pre-select or hide certain plans or products?

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We’ve made it easy to customize and pre-fill payment and sign-up forms on Plasso.

Normally you’d link to your Plasso payment Space from your website with a URL like this:

To pre-fill a form for your customers, add the variables below to the Plasso URL:

  • name: Pre-fills the ‘Your Name’ field on payment forms.
  • email: Pre-fills the ‘Your Email’ field on payment forms.
  • price: Pre-fills the payment amount field for any product or plan with a charge type set to any amount.
  • preselect: Pre-selects products/plans in your payment/sign-up form that you have embedded on your website. For Storefront Spaces that have multiple products or plans, use a comma separated list of Product IDs and/or Plan IDs
  • show_products: A list of products to display, unlisted products won’t show up. Only works with Spaces that have multiple products. Use a comma separated list of product IDs.
  • show_plans: A list of plans to display, unlisted plans won’t show up. Only works with Spaces that have multiple plans. Use a comma separated list of plan IDs.

Here is an example of all the variables in use:,764,12&show_products=123,764,12,239,1988,94



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