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How do I set up a subscription/membership service with Plasso?

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You can easily manage a membership database using our Storefront service. In order to get started:

  1. Create a new Storefront Space
  2. Add plans (and products) for your members to subscribe to

If you don’t have an existing website or wish to host your plan content on Plasso’s servers:

  1. Add posts to your Storefront to securely deliver digital files, messages, videos and more.

If you are using your Plasso Storefront as an embed on your site where you keep your content:

  1. Embed your Storefront Space as a cart
  2. Set your ‘Forward URL‘ to your protected page
  3. Add a “log-in” button to your signup page and a “my account” button to your protected pages

Other helpful tools that you can use to manage your subscription service:

  1. Set up email marketing integrations
  2. Set up webhooks to send data
  3. Enable “BCC Email Me Member Notifications” to receive blind carbon copies of the emails that your members receive
  4. Create coupons to generate more sales
  5. Set up free trials for subscriptions to bring in more business

That’s it! You are set up to start accepting payments and manage your membership business. There are a lot more features that Plasso offers that are not outlined in this article. Continue to explore the Help Center for more ideas or reach out to the Plasso team at with any specific questions.

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