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How do I set up my Storefront Space in Weebly?

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Implementing your Storefront Space onto your Weebly site is fast and simple. You have a couple of different options, depending on if you want to embed a cart/modal or redirect your users to your Plasso page for purchase. Also, check out our Weebly demo here!

To embed your Storefront Space as a cart or modal:

  • In Plasso, copy the Embed Code located on your Storefront setup page under the Embed section (For modal, copy Default code and, for cart, copy Include Cart Code). Also, set up your Forward URL and your Logout URL to redirect users to your Weebly site (or the page of your choosing) after logging in/out.
  • In Weebly, click on Settings in the main navigation menu and select SEO from the left-side menu.
  • Add your Embed Code to the Footer Code section and click Save.
  • Next, drag and drop an Embed Code element on to your Weebly page that you want your “Buy Now” button on.
  • Click “Edit Custom HTML” from the element menu options and create a link to your Plasso Storefront product or plan. The URL should have this format:
    The full HTML should look something like:
    <a href="">Buy Now</a>
    <a href="">Buy Now</a>
  • Click Publish and you are all set! 🚀 You can preview your Weebly page and test out your modal/cart. If you are using the Storefront cart, you may want to add a checkout cart button to your website as well.

To redirect users to your users to your Plasso hosted Storefront Page:

Simply create a hyperlink to your Storefront Space URL or the product/plan URL. The URLs should look like this:

  • Space:
  • Product:
  • Plan:

Next, on your Plasso Storefront’s setup page, be sure to set up for Forward URL and Logout URL to redirect users back to your Weebly site.

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