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How do I set up my Storefront Space in Wix?

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Getting Plasso setup in Wix is quick and easy. You can redirect your users to your Plasso Storefront URL for purchases, or embed your Storefront into your Wix website.

To get started, let’s first add some buttons/links to your Storefront products and/or plans:

  1. Click on the “Add” icon on the left side menu of the Wix page you wish to have your “Buy Now” buttons on and add a button or link.
  2. Link that button to your Plasso Storefront URL or to a specific product or plan:
    • Link to one product:
    • Link to one plan:
    • Link to all products:
    • Link to all plans:
  3. Set up your Plasso page to open up in your current window or have it open in a new window. After that, click Save!
  4. Back in your Plasso dashboard, set up your Forward URL and/or Log-out URL  on your Storefront Space’s setup page to redirect your users back to your Wix page (or the page of your choosing) upon purchase/logging out. screen-shot-2018-06-12-at-11-24-56-am

That’s it! ✅ You can preview your page and test out how your Wix site interacts with your Plasso Storefront page.


To embed your Storefront into your Wix website, follow the instructions above, and then follow these steps:

  1. First, you’ll need to copy the Storefront embed code for the Space you’d like to embed from the Plasso dashboard. screen-shot-2018-06-12-at-11-20-47-am
  2. From your Wix dashboard, click the “Tracking & Analytics” link in the left menu. wix-1
  3. Next, click the “+ New Tool” button. And then choose the “Custom” option from the menu list that appears. wix-2
  4. Then paste in your Storefront embed code you copied from the Plasso dashboard. Then under the “Place Code in” section, choose the “Body – end” option and click “Apply”. wix-3

Now when you preview your Wix site, and click one of the Buy Now buttons you’ve just created, it will pull up the Storefront embeddable interface and your customers will be able to purchase and checkout from your website. 👍

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