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Is there a way to secure a digital download link through Storefront?

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All digital downloads are fully secured once uploaded to our server. When a customer purchases your product, they will receive a receipt in their browser with the list of download links associated with the purchase. These links will, also, be sent to their email. The digital files can only be downloaded 3 times and each link to the digital files lasts for one hour. This is to prevent your digital files from being distributed without consent. So, if your customer grabs a link and tries to pass it around, that link will only work for 1 hour and 3 downloads.

If your customer requires a new link because they did not download their file 3 times within the hour, they can follow the link in the email to a web-version of their receipt where a new link will be generated that will be good for another hour.

In the case a customer wants to download a file more than 3 times, they will receive a message when they click the download link a fourth time that informs them that they have used up their 3 downloads. If they want to request more downloads, they can click the “Request More Downloads” button which will automatically send an email to you letting you know a customer wants to download the file again. You can approve or deny that request from the email. The customer will then be notified (via email) of your decision. If you choose to allow them to approve their request, they will have 3 more downloads.

The maximum file size that can be uploaded is 2GB and there is no limit to the amount of digital files you can have in your Storefront.

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