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Making a Space available in the Market

1 minute read

The Plasso Market is a marketplace where users can promote their products or services on our website. It is FREE to list your business with any Plasso plan and it’s a great way for potential customers to find you.

Getting Your Business Into the Market

  • After you have created a Storefront Space and added your products/plans, toggle the “Available in the Market” switch in the setup tab of your Storefront Space and click “Save”
  • Click on the “Market” tab under the “General” menu on the left side-bar
  • Fill out the business information that you want to present on your Market page
  • Toggle the “Enable My Store” switch
  • Click “Save” and you’re done!

Customers will then be able to find your business in the Market and be able to link to your Storefront Spaces to purchase your product/service. 👍

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