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How do I switch connected Stripe accounts in Plasso?
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To switch connected Stripe accounts in Plasso, the administrator of your Stripe account must first revoke Plasso’s access to that account. 🙅 Log into Stripe’s website Select Business Settings Select Authorized apps You’ll see a list of services authorized to access your Stripe account. Select Plasso to remove authorization Next, you’ll need to create a new Stripe account …

How do I enable Integrations for Email Marketing?
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Integrations within your space enable you to send off customer data to email marketing service providers like Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, and Sendy. To get started, be sure you have an active  account created with your preferred Email Marketing Service Provider. For Campaign Monitor Click on Integrations in the left-side menu of your space. Choose Campaign Monitor …

How do I import my members from another e-commerce platform?
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If you are looking to switch from a different e-commerce platform to Plasso, you’ll likely want to import your existing members from your previous platform. Currently, Plasso has a Stripe importer that allows you to import your Stripe Members and Plan info into Plasso.  The importer is located under the Import tab inside each Storefront Space. The information …

How do I connect my Stripe account?
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When you first sign up, you will be presented with a Welcome page that will have a direct link to Connect to Stripe (if you do not already have a Stripe account, you can create one by following the same link): If you decide to test out creating Spaces or any of the other Plasso …

How do I get paid?
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You’ll primarily manage your payments via Stripe, since they process the transactions. The first step in getting paid is connecting your Stripe account to Plasso….

Removing Plasso’s Branding
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Removing Plasso’s Branding Plasso branding being removed is only available for users on a Plasso Pro plan. Our Plasso Pro plans start at $29/month paid monthly with 0% transaction fees! You can see more details below: Once on a Plasso Pro plan, you can un-check the ‘Display Plasso Branding’ option under the Account tab on …

Is my business type prohibited from using Plasso?
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Plasso is currently built on Stripe. This means that Stripe sets the regulations on which business types can accept payments. The list of prohibited or high-risk business types can be found on Stripe’s Support Page here 🙂…

What is the Wallet section under Account?
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The Wallet section under the Account tab of your Plasso account is the area where you keep your credit card information on file with Plasso. This information is 100% secure and not shared with any other parties. This is the credit card that will be used for paying your monthly subscription fee if you are …

What is the difference between Plasso subscriptions?
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Plasso subscriptions primarily vary based on transaction and monthly fees. You are able to sign up and change your which plan you are on at any time. The pricing for each plan is below: Each plan has been designed to accommodate a variety of business sizes so you can choose the best option that works for …

What is an Account Billing Fund?
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To receive lower transaction fee’s and enable paid Plasso features, you must add a credit card to your Wallet under the Account tab to subscribe to a Premium or Pro plan. An Account Billing Fund is displayed in the Account section of Plasso. It displays the current card type and last 4 digits of the card …

How many payments can I process?
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How many payments can I process? Unlimited. There is no limit to the number of payments you can accept and process through your Plasso account….

How do I disable certain emails from sending to my customers?
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You are able to manage the email notifications that your users receive from the “Emails” on your dashboard. You can toggle individual emails on/off under the “Templates” tab.  Click the email template you wish to enable/disable and then toggle the switch under the “Disable Email Sending” option on/off. Last, make sure to click “Save“! When …

What does converting to a new Storefront Space mean?
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By converting to the new Storefront, you are replacing your Plasso spaces to an updated version that looks differently than your old spaces. Because of the new features and flexibility to subscriptions (proration, per-seat pricing, custom billing dates, etc..), subscriptions will no longer be handled in Stripe, but rather by Plasso. Once you convert your space, all plans that …

Do you have an affiliate or partnership program?
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Yes! We have an affiliate platform that will be launching soon! We value each partnership and every business networking opportunity that we receive. Stay tuned for more information regarding compensation payouts and guidelines to become a successful Plasso affiliate. For questions regarding affiliate partnerships, send an email to….

Is it possible to have the Plasso UI/UX in my local language?
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Because we work globally and appreciate each and every customer around the world, we will be adding language localization soon! We appreciate your patience 🙏 and will sound out an email notification as soon as we launch it 🚀….

Frequently Asked Questions
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What is Plasso? Plasso makes accepting payments quick, secure and easy. Plasso uses the Stripe platform to handle all transactions. You can feel confident knowing the world’s best and most secure payment platform is handling your transactions. Don’t have a Stripe account? No problem. You’ll be able to set one up in 1-step during our sign up …

How do I get in touch with the Plasso team?
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Aw, shucks, thanks for thinking of us. 🙈  If you have questions or feedback please get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you! Need help from our support team or have a bug report? Send an email to You can also contact us via Twitter or Facebook. We will reply to your emails …

What countries does Plasso support?
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Anyone from any country with a credit card can make a purchase using Plasso. Your business bank account must be based in a country supported by our payments processor, Stripe….

Do I have to have a Stripe account?
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If you’d like to sell things with Plasso or send people money directly from your bank account, then you do need a Stripe account….

Why was my customer’s card declined?
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There are many reasons why a customer’s card can be declined by their bank, including credit limits, accidental fraud flags, mistyped card numbers, or expired cards. If you come across a declined charge with your customer, encourage them to contact their bank to sort it out. You can also review the Stripe Help Center about …

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