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How do I integrate Plasso with Squarespace?
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Adding Plasso to Squarespace is super simple and requires you to add in our short <script> tag to your advanced code section and then setting the button to point to your Plasso space 💯 Check out our Squarespace demo site here! To get started, sign up for Plasso and create a Billing Space (to accept recurring payments from …

How do I sell subscriptions using Plasso Billing in Webflow?
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Setting up a recurring subscription in Webflow is simple and takes just a few minutes to do. Here’s how you do it: Create a Billing space in Plasso and fill in the details on the Setup tab in your Space dashboard. Next, add Plans to your Billing space by clicking on Plans and fill in …

Can I add in my own custom data fields to my plans or products?
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But of course! With each product (Membership, Billing, Storefront, Flexkit) you can add in custom data fields that allow you to capture data that meshes with your business 🤙. For example, if you sell T-Shirts and you’d like to add a variance for your customers to choose a size and color, just add in our …

Whats the difference between Membership Spaces and Billing Spaces?
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Membership Membership is mainly for subscription products or services that allows you, the user, to have a backend dashboard to display content like Blogs, Videos, and Digital Files (example below). It is encouraged to use Membership when you do not have a website or you plan on redirecting your customers from your existing website. The plans …

Is there a way to offer both monthly and yearly subscriptions at the same time?
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Offering monthly and yearly subscriptions at the same time is definitely do-able 👌. When setting up your plans in your Membership space, you are given the option to choose what intervals you’d like to set to receive payments. This allows your customers to choose from multiple plans that set the payment frequency to weekly, annually …

What does it mean to setup a plan?
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Setting up a Membership or Billing Space in Plasso requires you to set up ‘Plans’. Each plan allows your customers to choose the product or services that fits their specific needs. Membership & Billing Plans Membership and Billing Plans are created to offer your product or service in various tiers. For most users, this involves creating …

How Plasso Billing works
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Plasso Billing is an entire customer management, billing, storage, and authentication system all bundled into a single interface you can embed into your own website. Billing instantly creates a paywall on your own website, with your own content. It gives you full control over how your customers interact with your product or service. Best of all, you don’t need …

How do I embed and setup a Billing Space?
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💻 To get started with Plasso Billing, you’ll need a little bit of technical know-how and access to your code. 👉 Read more about how Plasso billing works. Here is how you can set up a Billing Space and embed it into your website. First, log into Plasso and create a new Billing Space by clicking the blue ‘+’ button in the …

How do I use the Plasso WordPress Plugin?
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We made a Plasso WordPress Plugin that helps you use Plasso Embed on your WordPress site. It’s simple and quick to setup, too! From your WordPress Dashboard: Select Plugins > Add New. Search for Plasso in the search bar. Click Install Now in the upper right corner of the plugin box. Compose a post. Select the Plasso logo from …

How do I add custom Terms of Service for my customers?
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Be as verbose as you like with your Terms of Service. 🙃…

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