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How do I setup custom analytics?
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You can setup custom analytics using Google Analytics or GoSquared….

What is Forward URL?
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After a customer makes a new purchase or signs up/signs in to your subscription service, you can send them to the web page of your choice by entering in the URL for that website into the field labeled “Forward URL” on the Setup page for each space….

What is a “Space”?
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Plasso spaces are payment pages that can be used to collect recurring payments for subscriptions, one-time product purchases like books, one-time product purchases like a digital download, donations, or all 4 from the same space. Each space has a link to a hosted page on Plasso that you can direct your customers to like this: …

How do I resend a receipt to my customer?
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If you are looking to resend a receipt to a customer, you are able to do so under the Orders tab of each Storefront space t. To resend a receipt in your Storefront Space: Select from the left side-menu the Storefront Space that the transaction occurred in Select the Orders tab from the left-side menu Select the payment …

What is ‘BCC Email Me Member Notifications’?
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By toggling the “BCC Email Me Member Notifications” on, you will receive all of the email notifications that your members get from that Storefront Space. You can view and manage what emails will be sent to your customers (labeled Member:) under the templates section inside the Emails tab on the left-side menu under each Storefront Space….

What is the Virtual Terminal service?
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Virtual Terminal is a service that allows you to easily charge your users in person using any internet device. You are able to swipe credit cards using a USB reader attachment or by manually inputting the credit card information. Virtual Terminal comes with all Premium and Plasso Pro plans. This service can be accessed on the left side …

What is a Statement Descriptor?
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Statement descriptors usually contain a company’s name and it appears on a credit card statement. It is used for a customer to identify who a payment was made to on a particular transaction. There are 2 areas that Statement Descriptors can be used in Plasso. Account Section – This Statement Descriptor is your default Statement Descriptor and …

What does Account Status mean?
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We have a few statuses we use to classify your members on subscription plans: Active, Suspended, Paused, Pending, and Bank Pending. Active: This is the default status and means that your member’s payments and access are operating regularly. Your member is actively subscribed. Suspended: When you suspend a member’s account, they are still subject to …

What is “Send This Email”?
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The “Send This Email” switch allows you to toggle that email notification ON/OFF. When toggled on, the notification will be sent when an event calls for it. A description of the event that activates this notification is in gray text above the “Custom Message” section. When toggled off, the notification will not send to any further customers….

What is Test Data?
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The Test Data toggle allows you to switch between viewing live data and test data in the Plasso dashboard. This toggle is located at the bottom of the left sidebar when you are on any Storefront Space. When activated, this setting will display all of the test data instead of the live data for: Orders, Members, …

What is the Dashboard?
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The Dashboard is the first screen you will see when you log in to your Plasso account. This section will show you general information regarding all of your Storefront Spaces and other Plasso services that you are using. There are three sections in Dashboard: Payments, Sales, and Members. Payments – The Payments tab allows you to …

How do I issue a refund?
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Issuing a refund is simple in Plasso. Under your Plasso Dashboard, go to the Payments tab at the top navigation bar. There, you will see a list of all transactions from every Space under that account. You are able to search for a specific transaction by date or use the search bar at the top of …

How do I disable certain emails from sending to my customers?
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You are able to manage the email notifications that your users receive from the “Emails” on your dashboard. You can toggle individual emails on/off under the “Templates” tab.  Click the email template you wish to enable/disable and then toggle the switch under the “Disable Email Sending” option on/off. Last, make sure to click “Save“! When …

What are the changes to the new Plasso User Interface?
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Plasso has recently beta launched a new, updated platform. You may notice a prompt to convert your current Plasso payment space to a new Storefront space. After converting to the new Plasso User Interface, you will not be able to restore the old version. With this new update comes quite a few new features. Here’s a list …

Enable/Disable a Product
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Enabling a Product will make it appear on your Space so your customers can see it and purchase it. If you turn off this option the product will be ‘disabled’ and will not be visible to customers and not be available for purchase. Disabling a product does NOT delete the product. So you’ll be able to …

Product Stock
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You can limit the number of times a product can be purchased by adding an ‘Stock’ quantity. Set the quantity to ‘0’ and it will be ‘sold out’ and no longer available for customers to see or purchase. Set the quantity to nothing (blank) and the product will be able to be purchased an unlimited number …

What is ‘Include Seller’s Address on Receipt?
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By turning on ‘Include Seller’s Address on Receipt’ in the setup form of each Storefront Space, you can add your (company) name and address to all receipt emails sent to your customers. Your address (personal or company) and the customer’s address must appear on the receipt that is emailed to your customers in order to …

Using Custom Analytics
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Plasso gives you the ability to use 3rd party analytics services for your Spaces. Currently Google Analytics, Segment and GoSquared are supported. Simply add your analytics account/tracking ID into the ‘Analytics Account ID’ field in the Space setup form. Data will be mapped over to display Referral Sources, Page Activity, Page Titles, the number of Active Users, and more. If …

Custom Terms of Service
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Plasso requires all customers who sign up to any of your Spaces to agree to a Terms of Service Agreement. A general Terms of Service Agreement is automatically placed on all Spaces you create. You have the option to add any custom Terms to this general Terms of Service Agreement by adding them into the ‘Terms of …

What is Logout URL?
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After a customer logs out of your Space, you can send them to a URL (website) of your choice by entering in the URL for that website into the field labeled ‘Logout URL’ inside each Storefront Space’s Setup tab….

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