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How do I test transactions on my Storefront space?
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If you’re looking to try out the full customer experience, test mode can help with that. When Test Mode is enabled, you can process test transactions on your Storefront Space using any card number. Cards will not be charged in Test Mode. Hosted pages and embeddable Cart/Modal Here’s how to start using Test Mode on the …

How do I enable Integrations for Email Marketing?
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Integrations within your space enable you to send off customer data to email marketing service providers like Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, and Sendy. To get started, be sure you have an active  account created with your preferred Email Marketing Service Provider. For Campaign Monitor Click on Integrations in the left-side menu of your space. Choose Campaign Monitor …

How do I resend a receipt to my customer?
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If you are looking to resend a receipt to a customer, you are able to do so under the Orders tab of each Storefront space t. To resend a receipt in your Storefront Space: Select from the left side-menu the Storefront Space that the transaction occurred in Select the Orders tab from the left-side menu Select the payment …

What is Flexkit?
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Flexkit has all the flexibility of an API, without writing any of the code. A powerful build-anything-you-want HTML API for payments, user authentication and management. It’s like using Stripe/PayPal, but without having to write any code. Flexkit allows you to build a custom interface for your space instead of using our pre-built embeds. For Payments and …

How to Convert to the New Flexkit
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During the last few months, Plasso has made some significant changes to the in-app UI as well as the functionality of how Flexkit works. We apologies in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. Our intention is to provide you with a simpler and high-level product that we’re confident you’ll enjoy. Below are the steps …

Flexkit JSBin Examples
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To help show you how Flexkit works, we’ve create a few examples on the code sharing website: JSBin. For more detailed info, check out our full documentation. When you visit any of the following examples you’ll see the basic HTML forms we’ve setup. No Javascript has been used to make any of the functionality you see work. It’s all …

How do I sell products using Flexkit in Webflow?
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Customization and flexibility is a must-have when it comes to adding a payment integration to a CMS or site builder. Here’s how to integrate flexkit into your Webflow project. It’s helpful to follow along with our Flexkit Documentation here. Be advised, that Webflow requires their users to pay for their Basic Hosting plan to use …

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