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Getting Started Guide
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You can download our Getting Started Guide as a .pdf here for easier navigation or you can view the content below: What is Plasso? Plasso is an e-commerce platform that enables anyone to sell their products, pre-orders, subscriptions and accept donations right from your website and through hosted pages. You can also send custom invoices to your …

Pro User Guide
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How do I make certain web pages accessible only to my members who are logged in? Protecting your pages so that only your members who are logged in can access them is easy to do using Plasso’s backend client if you have access to your backend code for each page you want to protect. In …

What CMS platforms and website building applications do you integrate with?
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Integrating Plasso products on your website is quick and simple! We integrate with most CMS, website builders, and frameworks out there.  Depending on your access to your server-side code base, the process takes a few minutes to setup. We are a Full-Stack integration platform so we integrate with both client-side and server side code. Below are a …

How do I create a Storefront Space?
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When you first get started with Plasso, you’ll want to create your first payment space. Payment spaces can be created to accept one-time product purchases, recurring subscription payments from members or services, and donations/contributions. To get started: Log into Plasso and click on Spaces in the left-side menu. Next, you’ll be filling in the details of your …

How do I set up a subscription/membership service with Plasso?
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You can easily manage a membership database using our Storefront service. In order to get started: Create a new Storefront Space Add plans (and products) for your members to subscribe to If you don’t have an existing website or wish to host your plan content on Plasso’s servers: Add posts to your Storefront to securely deliver …

How do I embed my Storefront Space into my Website?
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To make Plasso even more flexible, we’ve built a fully functioning Cart and Pop-Up Modal that works directly in your own website. Adding the cart or modal to your website is fast and simple. If you are using a CMS site builder, check out our Help Center article for specific instructions. Otherwise, here’s how to do it: Create …

Creating a membership website using Storefront
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Storefront makes it easy to create and manage your own membership website. In fact, once you create a Storefront Space in Plasso you’ll have a complete membership website ready to go just by visiting the Space’s Plasso URL. Your customers can sign up there, manage their account, buy your products etc. It’s super easy and …

How do I test transactions on my Storefront space?
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If you’re looking to try out the full customer experience, test mode can help with that. When Test Mode is enabled, you can process test transactions on your Storefront Space using any card number. Cards will not be charged in Test Mode. Hosted pages and embeddable Cart/Modal Here’s how to start using Test Mode on the …

How do I add buttons for my customers to “Log In”, “Sign Up”, and manage “My Account”?
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To create a “Log In” button for your users, link a button that you create to your Space URL + /login. The hyperlink should look like this: (Note: if a user is already logged in, the log-in button will display the “my account” content) If you are using the <script> tag for the Storefront Cart …

How do I add posts (content) to my Storefront plans for my members?
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After you have created at least one plan, you are able to add posts (content) to those plans for your members to view. There is no limit on the amount of posts that you are able to add to a space. This is a great way for your users to have access to blog posts, digital downloads, videos, and more! All posts …

How do I enable Integrations for Email Marketing?
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Integrations within your space enable you to send off customer data to email marketing service providers like Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, and Sendy. To get started, be sure you have an active  account created with your preferred Email Marketing Service Provider. For Campaign Monitor Click on Integrations in the left-side menu of your space. Choose Campaign Monitor …

How do I setup custom analytics?
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You can setup custom analytics using Google Analytics or GoSquared….

How do I pre-fill payment forms/pre-select or hide certain plans or products?
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We’ve made it easy to customize and pre-fill payment and sign-up forms on Plasso. Normally you’d link to your Plasso payment Space from your website with a URL like this: To pre-fill a form for your customers, add the variables below to the Plasso URL: name: Pre-fills the ‘Your Name’ field on payment forms. email: Pre-fills the ‘Your …

How do I import my members from another e-commerce platform?
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If you are looking to switch from a different e-commerce platform to Plasso, you’ll likely want to import your existing members from your previous platform. Currently, Plasso has a Stripe importer that allows you to import your Stripe Members and Plan info into Plasso (PayPal does not support this feature).  The importer is located under the Import tab …

What is a “Space”?
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Plasso spaces are payment pages that can be used to collect recurring payments for subscriptions, one-time product purchases like books, one-time product purchases like a digital download, donations, or all 4 from the same space. Each space has a link to a hosted page on Plasso that you can direct your customers to like this: …

Is my business type prohibited from using Plasso?
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Plasso is currently built on Stripe and PayPal. This means that Stripe and PayPal set the regulations on which business types can accept payments. The list of prohibited or high-risk business types can be found on Stripe’s Support Page and PayPal’s Support Page….

How do I connect my Payment Gatway?
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When you first sign up, you will be presented with a Welcome page that will have a direct link to Connect to Stripe or PayPal (if you do not already have a Stripe/PayPal account, you can create one by following the same link): If you decide to test out Plasso and it’s features before you connect …

How do I get paid?
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You’ll primarily manage your payments via Stripe, since they process the transactions. The first step in getting paid is connecting your Stripe account to Plasso….

How secure is my payment information?
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We take security very seriously here at Plasso. 🔒 All of our pages and payment forms are secured with 256-bit SSL encryption. All payments on our system are processed with Stripe or PayPal, ultra secure payment platforms that handle credit card transactions. Our servers are all built on Amazon’s AWS infrastructure and backed-up and distributed across many regions. You can rest …

Is there a way to secure a digital download link through Storefront?
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All digital downloads are fully secured once uploaded to our server. When a customer purchases your product, they will receive a receipt in their browser with the list of download links associated with the purchase. These links will, also, be sent to their email. The digital files can only be downloaded 3 times and each link …

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