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What are Invoices?
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Invoices are a great way for you to bill your clients on a one-off or recurring basis. You are able to create, customize, and send any number of invoices that your users will receive by email. Your customers will receive an invoice email with a link to follow to pay their invoice amount. It is very easy …

What is a Recurring Invoice?
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With a Recurring Invoice, you can charge someone a fixed amount on a set schedule, meaning your customer will be sent an invoice with the fixed price and interval that you set. For example, you could charge someone $99 per month or you can change it to daily, weekly, yearly, or custom. You can set a limit to the …

Removing Plasso’s Branding
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Removing Plasso’s Branding Plasso branding being removed is only available for users on a Plasso Pro plan. Our Plasso Pro plans start at $29/month paid monthly with 0% transaction fees! You can see more details below: Once on a Plasso Pro plan, you can un-check the ‘Display Plasso Branding’ option to remove all Plasso logos and …

Why do I need my customer’s address to send an invoice?
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Sending invoices with the name and address of your customers/clients will help ease the tax process for you each year. 📄 Have ideas on how we can make it easier for you? Send us an email to let us know!…

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