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How do I resend a receipt to my customer?
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If you are looking to resend a receipt to a customer, you are able to do so under the Orders tab of each Storefront space t. To resend a receipt in your Storefront Space: Select from the left side-menu the Storefront Space that the transaction occurred in Select the Orders tab from the left-side menu Select the payment …

What is Pay Me?
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When you sign up with Plasso, you automatically get your own ‘Pay Me’ page. Pay Me is a FREE service that allows you to accept one-time transactions from anyone. Once you connect your Stripe or PayPal account, you can start using this service. To set up your Pay Me page, check out our Help Center Article. …

How do I set up my Pay Me page?
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To get started using Pay Me, select the Pay Me tab from the left side-menu when logged in to your Plasso account. On the setup page, you can add in a “Suggested Amount” which will appear in gray in the payment field where your users will input their payment amount. Next, you will want to select the …

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