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Getting Started Guide
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You can download our Getting Started Guide as a .pdf here for easier navigation or you can view the content below: What is Plasso? Plasso is an e-commerce platform that enables anyone to sell their products, pre-orders, subscriptions and accept donations right from your website and through hosted pages. You can also send custom invoices to your …

How do I create a Storefront Space?
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When you first get started with Plasso, you’ll want to create your first payment space. Payment spaces can be created to accept one-time product purchases, recurring subscription payments from members or services, and donations/contributions. To get started: Log into Plasso and click on Spaces in the left-side menu. Next, you’ll be filling in the details of your …

How do I embed my Storefront Space into my Website?
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To make Plasso even more flexible, we’ve built a fully functioning Cart and Pop-Up Modal that works directly in your own website. Adding the cart or modal to your website is fast and simple. If you are using a CMS site builder, check out our Help Center article for specific instructions. Otherwise, here’s how to do it: Create …

How do I add the Storefront Cart Button to my website?
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We’ve also built a handy Cart button you can easily drop into your website. This button displays the total number of items your customer has in the Storefront Cart and will open the Cart when tapped/clicked. Adding the button to your website is easy. All you need to do is add the data-pl-cart-button attribute to …

How do I allow my customers to sign up for multiple subscriptions?
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If you’d like your customers to be able to sign up for more than one of your plans, enable the “Allow multiple subscriptions” toggle switch in the Setup tab under any Storefront Space on the Plasso dashboard and click “Save“. Once enabled, this will allow your members to sign up for multiple subscriptions during one check out process …

How do I collect donations?
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You can easily update your Storefront to collect donations on the Setup page. Toggling the “Donation Space” switch will change the payment button text on your website to read Donate Now instead of Pay Now so your community won’t be confused about their contribution. Receipts and emails will also use the words “Donation” and “Donate” instead of “Payment”, etc. Next, you will …

How do I add buttons for my customers to “Log In”, “Sign Up”, and manage “My Account”?
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To create a “Log In” button for your users, link a button that you create to your Space URL + /login. The hyperlink should look like this: (Note: if a user is already logged in, the log-in button will display the “my account” content) If you are using the <script> tag for the Storefront Cart …

How do I make certain web pages accessible only to my members who are logged in?
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Protecting your pages so that only your members who are logged in can access them is easy to do using Plasso’s backend client if you have access to your backend code for each page you want to protect. (If you are using, check out our WordPress Plug-In to easily protect your page) In order to …

How can I collect custom data from my users?
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Collecting custom data from your users is easy with Plasso. Inside your space, you can add any number of data fields that your users will see during checkout. You can customize each data item to fit your business model (i.e. required data vs not required). To add a new data item inside your Storefront space: click on the …

What is the difference between Media Gallery and Attach Files?
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Media Gallery Here, you can add images and videos to your products. The size limit for uploading images is 2MB per upload. The total number of images/videos is 5 per product. The supported media options are Image, Youtube Embed, Vimeo Embed Attach Files If you’re selling digital downloads, this is where you’d attach the files to your …

What are Product Variants?
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Product Variants Product Variants are useful to describe different types, sizes, colors, and styles of a specific product. Variant Name – This is the name of the variant (ex: Size, Color, Format, Style, etc.) Option Name – Use this field to label your variant titles (ex: Large, Green, Basic, etc.) SKU – A stock keeping unit …

Removing Plasso’s Branding
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Removing Plasso’s Branding Plasso branding being removed is only available for users on a Plasso Pro plan. Our Plasso Pro plans start at $29/month paid monthly with 0% transaction fees! You can see more details below: Once on a Plasso Pro plan, you can un-check the ‘Display Plasso Branding’ option under the Account tab on …

How do I resend a receipt to my customer?
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If you are looking to resend a receipt to a customer, you are able to do so under the Orders tab of each Storefront space t. To resend a receipt in your Storefront Space: Select from the left side-menu the Storefront Space that the transaction occurred in Select the Orders tab from the left-side menu Select the payment …

What are the Accepted Payment Types that my customers can use?
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Your customers can pay for any product or plan using any credit card (Mastercard, Visa, AMEX, Discover, and more). For subscription plans, you have the option to enable ACH payments as well. Once you have enabled ACH payments, there will be a new setting inside each Storefront Space where you can change what types of payments are accepted …

How do I create and add Products to my Storefront space?
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Creating and adding products to your space is super simple and takes a few minutes to do. Here’s how to do it: From Your Space Setup Dashboard: Click on “Products” on the left-side menu. Next, you’ll be filling in the details of your product. Let’s start with the “Basic Info” section to name your product, add a description, …

How do I create and add Plans to my Storefront space?
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Creating plans and adding them to your space is easy to do and takes just a few minutes. Depending on the Charge Type (see below), you’re given specific settings to create the perfect subscription. Here’s how to do it: From your Space Setup Dashboard: Click on Plans in the left-side menu. Next, you’ll be filling in the details of your …

What are Invoices?
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Invoices are a great way for you to bill your clients on a one-off or recurring basis. You are able to create new invoices and manage existing ones under the Invoices tab located on the left-side menu when logged in to Plasso. To Create a New Invoice: When signed in to your Plasso account, click …

What is the Virtual Terminal service?
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Virtual Terminal is a service that allows you to easily charge your users in person using any internet device. You are able to swipe credit cards using a USB reader attachment or by manually inputting the credit card information. Virtual Terminal comes with all Premium and Plasso Pro plans. This service can be accessed on the left side …

What is the Plasso Market?
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The Plasso Market is a FREE service where anyone can browse through companies selling products and/or services through Plasso Storefront Spaces. Each Market place will contain information and links to your Storefront Spaces that you make available to be in the market. It’s a great way for you to share your products/services with other businesses. For instructions on how to make …

What is the difference between Plasso subscriptions?
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Plasso subscriptions primarily vary based on transaction and monthly fees. You are able to sign up and change your which plan you are on at any time. The pricing for each plan is below: Each plan has been designed to accommodate a variety of business sizes so you can choose the best option that works for …

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