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What are the changes to the new Plasso User Interface?

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Plasso has recently beta launched a new, updated platform. You may notice a prompt to convert your current Plasso payment space to a new Storefront space.


After converting to the new Plasso User Interface, you will not be able to restore the old version. With this new update comes quite a few new features. Here’s a list of the new changes with descriptions:

New to the Dashboard Menu

  • Spaces – The preceding products Membership, Billing, and Storefront have been combined into one space called Storefront. Read more about creating a new Storefront space here.
  • Pay Me – We’ve redesigned the Pay Me page and it can still be accessed by going to
  • Invoices – We have updated Invoices to give them a fresher look!
  • Account – The Account link now has 3 tabs across the top that consolidate your Plasso Account Settings. Here’s whats been added:
    • Setup 
    • Wallet – This is where you would add a payment card to your Plasso Account for a Premium or Pro Subscription. Once added, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan from the setup tab.
    • API – This is where your API settings will be and settings to Flexkit.

New to the Spaces Dashboard

  • Setup Dashboard
    • Allow Test Transactions – This toggle grants permission to use a Test API Key and process test transactions on this Space.
    • Enable Test Mode on Plasso Hosted Pages – This turns on Test mode for all Plasso hosted pages for this Space (including embeds). Cards will not be charged in Test mode. Read more about Test Transactions here.
    • Statement Descriptor – This text will appear next to charges on your customer’s credit card statement and overwrite the Default Statement Descriptor under AccountRead more about Statement descriptors here.
    • Checkout Message – The checkout message text will be displayed toward the bottom of your space and will typically describe important product details or company disclaimers.
    • Add Tax – When this switch is toggled, you will be given the opportunity to add additional tax onto your product or service. The option for “Tax Type” will be displayed enabling you to choose between a flat tax percentage or a variable amount. Read more about Variable Tax here.
    • Embed Code – This code is to be embedded into your website if you plan to use our embedded Cart or Pop-Up Modal. If you’re wanting to embed the Storefront Cart, be sure to switch the “Enable Cart Code” toggle to on. Once the Cart code is displayed, copy all of the code and paste it before the closing </body> in your website. Read more about embedding the Cart and Pop-Up Modal here.
    • Allow Multiple Subscriptions – Toggling this feature will enable customers to sign up for multiple subscriptions. Read more about Multiple Subscriptions here.
    • Include in Connected Accounts – If your customers have signed up for plans across several of your spaces, toggling this feature will allow them to access each space they have from their Account Dashboard. Read more about Connected Accounts here.
    • Webhooks – You can send order/purchase data, subscription data, and more) to your app by adding a URL into this field.
    • You can add details to your space here to affect the way your Plasso space(s) appear on Social Media posts and Google Search results.

New to Products

  • For Members only – This toggle switch is for enabling your members to buy additional products. If you currently have subscription members that you want to showcase and sell products to, you’d want to toggle this switch. If you do not have members, you’d want to leave this switch disabled.
  • Charge Type – You can now create Free products!
  • Media Gallery – The size limit for uploading images is 2MB per upload and the total number of images/videos is 5 per product. Supported Media types are:
    • Image – JPEG, PNG, and GIF
    • Video – Youtube and Vimeo URL’s.
  • Product Variants – Product Variants are useful to describe different types, sizes, colors, and styles of a specific products. Read more about Product Variants here.

New to Plans

  • Accent Color – Adjusting the accent color of your plan will change the color of the plan background. The text color will auto-adjust accordingly. If you choose any darker color background, the text will default to white. If you choose any lighter color background, the text color will default to black. You can read more about Accent Colors here.
  • Charge Type – There are three options here: “Recurring”, “One-time”, and “Free” depending on the type of plan. A Free charge type would allow your customers to try out your service with no charge. A One-time charge type would allow you to set a price and charge your customers one time for your plan. A Recurring charge type will enable you to adjust the billing interval, set proration, choose a specific billing date and more (see the Recurring Charge section below to learn more).
  • Billing Type – These options allow you to set the charge to a “Flat Rate” or “Per Unit”. This option defaults to Flat Rate and is usually for standard subscription payments. Choosing Per Unit will allow you to set a maximum number of units/seats/users for the plan. A great example is a SaaS company that charges by the user. Per Unit billing also allows Price Breaks (see below).
    • Price Breaks – Price breaks can be enabled if you’re wanting to offer discounts on your “per unit” pricing (ex: For a team of 5-9 users, get 20% off, 10-20 users get 40% off).
  • Begin Charging – You can leave this field to “Upon Signup” if you want your subscribers to have varied signup/billing dates. The other options are on the first day of the month, the last day of the month, or custom. By choosing custom, you can manually set the charge date for subscribers to your plan by choosing the 2nd through the 29th of the month.
  • Enable Cut-off Date – Enabling this toggle switch will allow you to restrict new signups after a certain point of the month.
  • Cut-off Day – Choose the specific day of the month you would like to restrict new signup’s.

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