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What is a Connected Account?

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Connected Accounts is an area for your customers to easily navigate between their subscriptions that are on different Storefront Spaces of yours. For example, if you created 2 different Storefront Spaces with subscription plans on both and a user signed up for both subscriptions using the same email, they would be able to toggle between the two subscriptions under the “Connected Accounts” tab.


The Connected Accounts link is located on the Storefront Cart and Plasso hosted pages. This is the area that provides an easy way for your customers to toggle back-and-forth between Storefront spaces without having to log in and out of each space.

Whenever you create a new Storefront Space, the “Include in Connected Accounts” switch will be active by default. If you wish to not have a Storefront Space included in the Connected Accounts, you are able to edit this setting by clicking your Storefront’s Setup tab and toggling the “Include in Connected Accounts” switch to “OFF”.


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