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What is a “Space”?

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Plasso spaces are payment pages that can be used to collect recurring payments for subscriptions, one-time product purchases like books, one-time product purchases like a digital download, donations, or all 4 from the same space.

Each space has a link to a hosted page on Plasso that you can direct your customers to like this:


You can also embed that space via iframe into your clients site using our pre-built pop-up modal, or our eCommerce Cart. If you’re looking for more customizability and would prefer not to use our prebuilt embeds, you may want to check out Flexkit. Flexkit allows you to build your own payment/signup forms by using HTML and CSS. To learn more about Flexkit, read this article.

With Plasso, you can create as many spaces as you’d like. Within each space, you can create as many products or plans as you’d like.

Here are a few helpful links to better understand spaces and how they work:

If you have questions or need help getting setup, reach out our team through our online Chat (during normal business hours) or by sending an email to

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