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What is Plasso?

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At Plasso our mission is to make starting and growing a business online accessible to anyone. We’re building tools and products to help our customers go from idea to actual revenue without having to write code.

Plasso is a business platform that enables anyone to sell their goods, services, and subscriptions. You can also send custom invoices to your customers. Plasso makes it easy for anyone to start and grow their own business.

Plasso integrates with the ultra secure payments processors Stripe and PayPal to handle all your payment transactions. Don’t have a Stripe or PayPal account? No problem. You’ll be able to create your account in one-step during our quick sign up process.

Once you’re in, just create a Space—a payment page your customers will visit—to start accepting payments. Using Plasso you can sell subscriptions, sell digital and physical products, accept donations, fundraise for a cause, send custom invoices, or even setup pre-orders for a new product. We even offer a quick payment feature, called Pay Me, that enables anyone to pay you for anything. Oh, and we waive the fees for your first 15 Pay Me transactions each month. 😎

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